1. Doctoral students

    1. Yota Ioannidou

      Stopped program in July 2018

      1. Research summary

      2. How Does a Document ‘Act’?
        Research-based Art as Docudramaturgy

        The aim of Yota Ioannidou’s research project is to question and read the performative aspects of an art practice. As a visual artist Ioannidou examines how documents, such as maps, photos, historical and archival documents, can be devices of a 'dramaturgical' approach to art practice.

      1. Biography

      2. Yota Ioannidou (1976, GR) graduated with a BA from the Athens School of Fine Arts and a MFA from the Dutch Art Institute (The Netherlands).

        In her projects Ioannidou creates and revises archives, following a process of research (visits in archives and in situ research), collection (texts, images, data, maps, films), recordings of interviews or discussions. The formulation of the research material combines performance as storytelling and formation of reading and performing groups on the research subject. Ioannidou's projects investigate issues related to social struggles and act to question and cross-examine phenomena triggered and maintained by various hierarchical structures for political, cultural or social reasons.

        Recent projects include the on-going project “Good Morning Mr. Mesmer.”  (2015) presented inKunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna,  “The Storyteller, The Knife and The “machine” (2013) for the 4th Athens Biennale, Voice_Over (2012), “Aula Intergalactica” (2011) in collaboration with Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio at the Word of Mouth curated by Kernel for the 3rd Athens Biennale, the project “On the hill one happens to be sitting on”- A tribute to failure (2011).


      1. Individual projects

        1. 2018

            1. A Case of Perpetual No
            2. 11 May – 14 July 2018
            3. Yota Ioannidou launches a new thematic chapter of events and exhibitions at State of Concept, which will explore the concept of justice under the title "Department of Justice". It launches with the solo exhibition "A Case Of Perpetual No" by Yota Ioannidou, co-produced with DAI

            4. State of Concept, Athens (GR)
            5. https:
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        2. 2017

            1. Women’s Work in Revolt! Feminist Struggle and Insurrectionary Memory
            2. 30 June – 1 July 2017
            3. Yota Ioannidou contributes to this event that adresses the marginalisation of ‘women's work’ and feminist debates on labour in public discourse.

            4. Dourou-Dourouti Square, Kerameikos, Athens (GR)
        3. 2016

            2. 25 February 2016 – 21 January 2017
            3. Yota Ioannidou takes part in the public series of events entitled ‘The Kids Want Communism’, marking the ninety-nine years to the Bolshevik Revolution. 
              Opening MoBY-Museums of Bat Yam: February 25, 20.00–23.00

            4. Struma 6, Bat Yam (IL)
            5. tkwc.tumblr.com
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            1. Study Room: The State of Things
            2. 16 January – 13 February 2016
            3. Yota Ioannidou exhibits work is this group exhibition held at The Breeder and coordinated by Vangelis Vlahos. 

            4. 45 Iasonos street, Athens (GR)
            5. thebreedersystem.com
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        4. 2015

            1. Unnamed
            2. No need for references
            3. 11 June – 18 July 2015
            4. Yota Ioannidou participates in this exhibition that investigates the relations between the production of art and knowledge through different incursions into the collective discussion about the concept of artistic research.

              Opening: June 10, 2015, 7:00 pm

            5. Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (AT)
            6. www.wuk.at
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        5. 2014

            1. Nogo Zone
            2. 1 October 2014
            3. Yota Ioannidou and Tzvika Gutter collaborated on a performance script named “NOGO ZONE” for the Parking Lot, Issue#0, October 2014.

            4. Amsterdam, (NL)
            5. parking-lot.net
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