1. Individual Projects

        1. Resonances between Dance and Gnosis
        2. 15 December 2018
        3. Suzan Tunca presents research in progress 'Resonances between Dance and Gnosis' at the THIRD Annual Forum 2018. Prof. dr. Janneke Wesseling will assume the role of respondent. 

        4. DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam (NL)
        5. https:
      1. The first part of the session addresses the evolution of an essay assignment in the context of the PhDArts doctoral programme. The second part of the session consists of the dance and music performance 'SEI', which was developed in collaboration with composer and docARTES member Giuliano Bracci. 'SEI' is an experimental performative research in progress wherein dance becomes an instrument to investigate and to communicate embodied gnosis. 


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